We are one of the largest and most diversified casinos and entertainment companies in the world. Our esteemed and highly reputed organization was founded in 1980s as a gaming company with the goal of building, developing, financing, and orchestrating casino projects throughout the world. We have come a long way since our inception but our good old philosophy still exists today. Our esteemed organization together with our employees is strongly committed to being the leading market operator, employer of choice in this segment and preferred business partner throughout the region.

Our primary goal is to be market leader in gaming industry. We aim to achieve this by providing world class entertainment value and Best-in-class user experience. The enabling strategy to help us achieve this goal is to establish ourselves as the employer of choice in the gaming industry. Our clearly articulated vision in line with our company philosophy offers significant potential opportunity and returns for our Customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Our competitive pricing, gaming environment, wide range of games have made us the most preferred Casino brand. At the same time, we are a socially responsible organization who understands its duties. We believe in empowering and strengthening our esteemed Customers who choose to gamble by enabling them to well informed decisions and sensible choices to minimize the risk to the extent possible.We are continuously working with the gaming providers, governing council and others — to integrate best practices across the gambling fraternity. We are also supporting key projects targeted at raising public awareness to generate understanding and facilitate support for problem gambling prevention.Our entire team, from the senior leadership to the junior people at the grass root level breathe life into our Values. Our founding leaders, Customers, stakeholders and partners – They all have made us who we are today!